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Dennis J.  Harry


Thanks for visiting the Needhams Grove Baptist Church website.  As a freshman in college God began working on my heart and drawing me into the ministry.  I served for 8 years in Christian education before shifting into pastoral ministry as youth pastor in Charleston, SC.  God graciously allowed me to serve there for 10 years before opening the door in 2015 for our family to move to Seagrove NC to join the Needhams Grove Baptist Church family.


My wife, Lorrie, and I have been married since 1997.  She is an incredible help to my ministry and is a wonderful spouse and mother to our four children.


I am excited to be a part of a church that stands for the following:


Needhams Grove is dedicated to doctrinally sound preaching.  The exposition of the Word is at the forefront of our corporate gatherings.


Needhams Grove desires to see believers edified and equipped for ministry.  We are striving to pass on the love of ministry to the next generation.


Needhams Grove is devoted to sharing the Gospel with an unbelieving world.  Every member is responsible to show and share Christ with the people in their circle of influence.

DJ and Lorrie

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