Needhams Grove Baptist Church has a deep love for missions. As a church, we are committed to supporting the spread of the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth through local and foreign missions.


We take seriously the long-term relationship that we have with our partner missionaries. Our process may seem slow to some. Do not expect that we will make a long-term commitment quickly. In the same way that we would anticipate that you to be dedicated to your call for many years, we are also dedicated to making long-lasting commitments through friendship, encouragement, prayer, and financial support.


To help facilitate the interaction that we have with prospective missionaries, please read through the following material and follow the steps provided. This will ensure that your burden for the lost is considered promptly and seriously.


  1. Please email your “missions packet” to missions@needhamsgrovechurch.com and expect a reply within the week that your email has been received.
  2. We typically schedule new missionaries for the spring of the year.
  3. Because we are attempting to develop a long-term partnership, we ask that missionaries visit us twice during the deputation process. The first visit is typically to share the burden and build a relationship. The second visit is primarily a preaching visit. There are exceptions made for unique deputation circumstances.
  4. If you wish to speak to our pastor, he is usually available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Please call the church number (910-464-2121) at that time to speak directly to him.


God bless you and your ministry!

Needhams Grove Baptist Church




Can I throw a quick word in…the best way to make that first connection is to meet face to face. If you are in central NC (Greensboro, Asheboro, Raleigh/Durham) and would like to meet for coffee (our treat) or lunch, please include that in your email. There are a lot of great “hole-in-the-wall” coffee shops that make great places for us to talk about ministry!


-Pastor DJ Harry



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